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Antarctica (2008), monotype, 22″ x 50′ (panels: 22″ x 30″)

Antarctica was a 50′ print installation of 22 panels which were hung from the ceiling in a horizontal spiral, creating a space for the viewer to enter.


Exhibition Statement (The Fifth Face, Division III thesis exhibition Hampshire College 2008)

To the Earth’s core Antarctica must seem such a hardened beauty. A house of wind that carves and polishes mountains; a continent of answers stored in ice. Ice that would never recognize the oceans it preserves, ice that melts as it buries itself, water and minerals turning upside down in stratas silently ignoring gravity, silently ignoring North.

To us Antarctica mostly means death. Death, and more questions. A person can go blind there from too much light, too many dry mirages on a relentless horizon. It is the largest place, the furthest away, with the harshest weather whipping the least amount of water – and life – in the world.

Antarctica is the palm of God that does not know that we exist.


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