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Anders Zanichkowsky   University of Wisconsin-Madison MFA '19 (Printmaking)    CV    /    Press

Anders Zanichkowsky

University of Wisconsin-Madison MFA '19 (Printmaking)

CV   /   Press

I am an artist, performer, and writer. I make things on paper and on video; I make things out of cloth and out of parties and with sound. I make things I do not understand.

I address a lot of letters, essays, and invitations. I look at things for a very long time. I can watch my work changing as we speak. I come back to: repetition, recording, endurance.

I think about printmaking as an event, an act of transfer; about homemaking and queerness, mourning and desire; about absence and doubt and radical faith. I think by waiting and I think in terms of. I like it best when you just had to be there. I am interested in showing up. I am interested in you.



a.zanichkowsky at gmail dot com

IG: @differentanders

photo: Zach Kmiec