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Invisible Mountains 2.jpg

invisible mountains

Invisible Mountains (2018)

installation of handprinted monotypes reproduced as digital transparencies and a looping, one-hour video projection

A Masters of Art solo exhibition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Art Lofts Gallery (Madison, WI)  /  filmed at Røst AiR


Exhibition Statement

I make prints and vide­os to record landscape phenomena. Last summer I lived on an Arctic island in Sámi indigenous land / Norway. Skomvær is the most remote island in an archipelago that has been sacred to the Sámi for thousands of years, and where Norwegian folklore places Utrøst: a mythical land of plenty and a haven for sailors and ancestors. I made this work from watching the mountains that appeared to us on very rare occasions, out past the edge of the horizon, much farther away than we normally thought we could see.